Observer states


All States may ask to be admitted to the status of Observer. This status does not offer all the privileges of State Membership. An Observer may participate in all ICDO activities and will be invited to sessions of the General Assembly, without right of vote. The status of Observer is reviewed every two years by the General Assembly and maintained to the extent in which the State thus benefitting shows its interest in the activities and programmes of the Organisation.

ICDO Observer States (16) Date of Admission
Belarus Belarus 03/03/2014
Chile Chile 28/04/1993
Comoros Comoros 22/09/2014
France France 19/12/1990
Indonesia Indonesia 21/02/2018
Malta Malta 10/02/1998
Mauritius Mauritius 26/11/1996
Portugal Portugal 18/05/2000
Principality of Monaco Principality of Monaco 29/04/1996
Rwanda Rwanda 19/12/1990
Slovakia Slovakia 06/02/1994
South Africa South Africa 19/10/1994
Switzerland Switzerland 05/01/1997
Ukraine Ukraine 10/02/1998
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 25/02/2014
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 03/04/2004