23rd General Assembly

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22nd General Assembly

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The Assembly is the supreme authority of the Organisation and shall be composed of delegates representing Member-States.

Each Member-State shall be represented by one delegate.

The Assembly shall meet in ordinary sessions in intervals not exceeding two years, and in such special sessions as may be necessary. Special sessions shall be convened at the request of the Council or of a majority of the Members.

The Assembly, at each ordinary session, shall select the country in which the next ordinary session shall be held, the Council subsequently fixing the place. The Council shall determine the place where a special session shall be held.

The Assembly shall elect a President and a Vice President as well as other officers at the beginning of each ordinary session. They shall hold office until their successors are elected.

The Assembly shall adopt its own rules of procedure.

In addition to functions set out in other Articles of the Constitution, the primary duties of the Assembly shall be: