National Capacity Building

In the Terms of its Constitution, the ICDO:

  • FEDERATES the national civil defence services of Member States and
  • REPRESENTS them at the international level
  • CONTRIBUTES to the creation and reinforcement of national civil defence structures
  • EXTENDS technical assistance and consultancy services to national civil defence services
  • DESIGNS AND DEVELOPS training and information programmes for the personnel of civil defence services and the population

Humanitarian Assistance

The ICDO works closely with its strategic partner

EMERCOM of Russia to coordinate specific

programmes of humanitarian projects.

Examples of Humanitarian Projects

  • Demining (Lebanon, Serbia, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka)

  • Humanitarian Aid (Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, North Korea, Libya, Tuvalu)
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The ICDO implements training for senior civil protection staff through various theoretical and practical training programmes. These cover all aspects of disaster management, before, during and after catastrophes, as well as the practical use and maintenance of material for civil protection, civil defence, and emergency services.

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Audit & Consulting

The ICDO is committed to delivering assistance for the improvement of the national structures of its Member States to reinforce their capacities.

The ICDO regularly calls upon experts to conduct risk assessments, to provide advice and to assist Member States in the implementation of new policies Since 2004, the ICDO offers Audit and Consulting services to National Civil Defence structures, including in the following areas :

  • Creation of Rapid Response Team
  • Studies on the reinforcement of capacity building towards territorial risk reduction
  • Analysis of private and public resources and intervention strategies for emergency situations
  • Raising awareness of representatives about the role of territorial administrations towards disaster fighting

Technical equipment offered by ICDO disaster management partners

ICDO coordinates the transfer of technical equipment that members of the organization need to deal with emergencies and disasters. This serves the development of national civil protection structures of its member states.

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Technical Assistance

Since 2002, the ICDO has implemented a Programme of Technical Assistance to foster the development of the national civil protection structures of its Member States.

The Organisation‘s mandate has been expanded to include the provision of emergency equipment. As part of the programme, the ICDO has invited Swiss cantons and municipalities to donate any surplus equipment that they might have to the ICDO for the benefit of its Members.

International Cooperation

In the Terms of its Constitution, the ICDO:

PROMOTES AND FACILITATES the solidarity and the cooperation in the field of civil defence between Member States;
CONSTITUTES a forum, open to States and organisations concerned, for promoting the exchange of know-how in matters of civil defence and disaster management;
PARTICIPATES actively in the dissemination of the rules of the International Humanitarian Law relating to civil defence.







Awareness on Safety & Resilient Cities

In order to increase public-awareness at the national level, the ICDO recommends that countries organize the following types of activities aimed at promoting and disseminating knowledge about the role and place of civil protection in modern society.

Civil Society Action

Domestic Accidents Action