On the 1st March of each year, the Sultanate of Oman, represented by the Civil Defence  and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) with the countries members of the ICDO, celebrates the World Civil Defence Day. The theme of the occasion for the 2023 “The role of technology system in risk assessment” stems from the interest and importance role of the technological systems, information programs, technological application, IT innovations  in assessing risk related to civil protection and civil defence.


In 2023 the CDAA of Oman holding 1st Civil Defence and Ambulance Conference and Exhibition on 8-9 March in Muscat. CDAA  invited internationals organizations and representatives from different institutions and companies related to Civil Defence system. 


The goal of the conference:

To stimulate the role of the community, enhance its contribution and interaction with events and activities by giving it more space, and highlighting the role it plays its responsibility to spread the culture of safety as well as  to achieve its goals and ensuring the safety of lives and property in region.



To instill the culture of security and safety among the various segments of society as basis for risk prevention.

Two-days conference were discussed several working topics related to use technology, best practices, applications and systems in risk reduction, in addition to demonstrate relevant recommendations.

During event the delegation of ICDO had a meeting with representatives of the engineering and vehicle companies at the exhibition hall.




On 5th April 1972  the first firefighting unit was established in Muscat. At the present time in all parts of Oman reaching 53 centers providing civil defence servicers. The CDAA services: firefighting, land rescues, water rescues, civil protection, hazmat, awareness, operations, ambulance.


The ambulance service started in Oman on 1st April in 2004 as a specialized service by the CDAA in providing advanced emergency medical services in order to preserve the lives.