As part of the 2023 international training plan for ICDO member countries, a professional development course on "Innovative Methods for Rescue Operations in Confined Spaces (Tunnels) and Transport Accident Elimination" was recently conducted. This comprehensive course consisted of 36 training hours, catering to senior personnel and specialists in population and territory protection against emergencies from various ICDO member countries.

The training group comprised of 10 senior staff and specialists hailing from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and Syria. The course was conducted in-person at the Academy's training facilities, with a focus on practical exercises that were conducted using the latest developments in emergency response and rescue work.

Upon completion of the course, the participants have acquired new competencies that enable them to organize emergency response at a higher quality level. The Academy's commitment to delivering high methodological standards ensures that the training participants are equipped to handle any emergency situation with greater ease and efficiency.