The ICDO delegation took part in the opening of the XI International Congress on Emergency Situations and the 7th International Conference of Firefighters in Havana, Cuba. Representatives of the Cuban Civil Defence Ministry, the Cuban Fire Service, fire services of Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala participated. Also representative of international organizations in the region, educational institutions, institutes and paramedics.

In the convention palace were presented stands of the CS, Red Cross of Cuba.

A multilateral meeting was held with General Ramon Pardo Guerra, Director of the Cuban Civil Defence Ministry, and Luis Carlos Guzman Matos, Chief of the Cuban Fire Service, Senior Colonel, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

At the meeting the issues of implementation of the humanitarian project of ICDO to the Republic of Cuba, as well as interaction with the emergency services of Cuba, training of specialists of the emergency services of the Republic of Cuba, the need to hold a course in Havana, on the site of the training center, to train specialists in the regions were discussed.

On December 6, the ICDO delegation visited the regional Russian-Cuban center at the invitation of the Chief of Civil Defense of Cuba.