The ICDO congratulates the Russian MES team on the 89th anniversary of the establishment of the Civil Defense of Russian Federation.

In our days, Civil Defense is one of the most important functions of the state in ensuring the security of the country, its citizens, and economic facilities from man-made and natural disasters. Thanks to the high professionalism, responsibility, and selfless actions of the employees of the MES of Russia, the consequences of natural disasters and man-made accidents are prevented and eliminated in a timely manner, allowing to improve the mechanisms of Civil Defense.

MES of Russia’s contribution as a Strategic Partner of ICDO, allows many member-states to improve their national services and learn from the experience of the Civil Defense and Protection system of Russian MES.

Wishing to the Russian MES team an inexhaustible strength, good health, productive workdays and fewer emergencies. May your hard work always be appreciated for every reason and deed, and may it bring sincere appreciation and gratitude from society.