From September 20 to October 01, 2021, a training session on "Protection of the population and training in crisis management" was held at the Federal Training Center in Schwarzenburg (CFIS) in Switzerland.

Organized jointly by the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO) and the Swiss Confederation, this course saw the participation of instructors, management bodies as well as civil protection executives and specialists called upon to conduct emergency operation in case of emergencies, crisis, risk or disaster response from five French-speaking countries: Cameroon, Morocco, Senegal, Togo and Tunisia.

Several themes were thus addressed. Among others: the coordinated system of protection of the population, various creative means to systematically solve a problem, staff work, the problem of natural hazards in the canton of Valais, etc.

It was with the handing over of the certificates by the Deputy Secretary General of the ICDO that this training ended.