ICDO Admin

Being faced with a devastating pandemic called Coronavirus, known as COVID 19, Member States have called for general mobilization.

On behalf of the ICDO, the Interim Secretary General wishes to extend his greetings to all of the world’s medical staff, and he is also proud to recall the extraordinary efforts devoted by the civil defense personnel, who have been in the front lines to combat the pandemic alongside the other related sectors.

Across the globe, the staff of civil defense have demonstrated selfless commitment and heroic performances resulting in rescue, prevention, raising awareness among populations, and providing logistical support to health structures.

Having the goal of population and property protection in mind, civil defense personnel ought to be involved on the ground at all times, performing in flawless manners while obtaining a spirit capable of compassion, sacrifice, and a blind commitment to protect human’s lives at all costs.

Today, given the terrible ordeal of the coronavirus – COVID 19 – the civil defense noble mandate has unquestionably been fulfilled. On this spirit, the ICDO expresses its deepest gratitude to all of the civil defense personnel and wishes them a good continuation of their work.

As the unifying body of all the national civil defense structures, the ICDO is committed more than ever to stand by the civil defense staff, both administrative and operational, in order to continue the development of these structures through training, auditing, providing technical assistance and raising awareness and information.

Finally, the development of the coronavirus pandemic is leading the ICDO to explore innovative strategies and operational mechanism adequate to such exceptional circumstances. The ICDO is working hard to create a new operational planning.

Permanent Secretariat