ICDO Release

ICDO Admin

With the COVID 19 pandemic causing turbulent times in our current lives, civil defense both structures and personnel are on the forefront of such fight. United with other essential and intertwined bodies and institutions, civil defense/protection has demonstrated altruism and extraordinary courage during fearsome moments by providing continuous support and assistance to vulnerable populations.

The ICDO remains vigilant in monitoring the situation by collecting and sharing all the information related to the pandemic and while keeping a close and an incessant contact with all of its Member States’ National Civil Defense structures in order to eventually adopt a global strategy.

While the world heads towards witnessing recessive economies, efforts to rescue the national ones will be a top priority while ensuring the safeguard of populations, which brings the role of civil defense alongside health sectors, security services as well as civilians into play with respect to strict self-protection measures.

Whether being the main player in action or playing an assistant role, civil defense bodies and the symbolization of their orange and blue colors will always reflect a beacon of hope, salvation, and courageousness, even in such chaotic moments where being faced with transnational pandemics such as the COVID19 hammering the world with no exceptions.

Once again, the ICDO wishes to honor and salute all of the civil defense personnel around the world for their ultimate sacrifices, courage, and solemn commitment. The ICDO remains faithful to its members and determined to provide its full support that translates into effective mechanisms in order to overcome this crisis.